'How To...' Workshop

Cutting Edge Training talk you through a variety of turf maintenance workshop topics. This video blog has been introduced for quick and simple training on everyday jobs.

We hope you find the videos useful and tune in every two months to learn more.

Cutting Unit Set-Up

It may seem an obvious statement to make, but you buy a mower to cut grass, so making sure it is correctly set and adjusted to get the best possible finish seems an obvious task...

Service & Maintenance of your Machinery

Nowadays, mowers tend to be mowing for a large proportion of the year and it makes commercial and economic sense to service the machine on an annual basis rather than the traditional winter service regime.

Genuine Parts - Why?

We all know the arguments for and against, price, warranty, correct fit first time or not, longer lasting or not etc. So what is the issue of price over quality?

When, Where and What Roller to use

Modern greens units are not supplied with a "standard" front roller. In fact, the front roller is selected from a range of options, designed to give the customer a choice for their particular sports turf surface.

Battery Maintenance

We all know the situation with golf buggies: they are a great money-spinner for the pro shop, but nobody takes ownership of them. Soon they do not perform as well as they used to and leave a valuable customer stranded at the furthest edge of the golf course.